At Lomax Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on our continued commitment to our community with respect, dignified, and professional services. We are a family owned and operated business since December 1989. We provide a traditional experience that becomes even more meaningful at one of the most difficult times in our lives. A time when it seems we can never really have enough friends and family around us…the passing of a loved one.


In a changing climate, we’ve seen the funeral business become a great deal more impersonal. Untold members of family-run funeral homes have been bought up by larger corporations. We at Lomax Funeral Home, Inc. honor ourselves for our kind, caring touch; our efficient well-informed services; and our meticulous attention to detail.


At Lomax Funeral Home, we will not take your trust of caring for your love one casual. You will always have our Top Care, attentive to every detail and specific instructions you wish the Lomax Funeral Home to carry out.


Family,Tradition, Dignified, Personal Service. That’s A Promise….


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