We understand the respect the convenience of staying closer to your residence. We are able to provide the traditional quality services you require in your community. We meet at your house to make all arrangements. 20141006_142333 (1)
Traditional services include a viewing period of one or two days, an open casket allowing your loved ones to view the deceased, a religious service and a cemetery
Prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, religious articles, clothing, caskets and various are commonly used in traditional funeral services. Note: Traditional services do require embalming.


Cremation services vary between an immediate cremation to a full service cremation. A full service cremation involves all traditional aspects of a funeral with the final disposition being a cremation. We normally use wood caskets, hold religious services.
An immediate cremation does not incorporate viewing periods, religious services, or a service at the crematory. A traditional casket is not required for an immediate cremation. An alternative container can be substituted.


Alternative Services are a variation of the above mentioned services. They include a viewing period before a religious service, a closed casket, a private family viewing, or a memorial service. Alternative services can be tailored to the needs, wants and desires of a particular client. There are no set rules regarding scheduled viewing periods (there are traditional hours that might not fit the needs of the families involved).
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